Algorand exchanges traded

Infographic: Algorand Split Payment Contracts

The power of the Algorand smart contracts is again manifested in the split payments process. It allows an account to split payments between two accounts in a given ratio. The accounts can withdraw funds based on their given ratios. On critical condition is meeting the minimum payment amount for the lowest ratio.  

Algorand exchanges traded

Infographic: The Algorand blockchain Rekeying all explained.

Algorand blockchain network recently launched the rekeying feature to give users the to change private keys to an Algorand address in simple, flexible and unlimited manner. Users can keep their accounts secure by maintaining cold keys while they perform transactions.  

Algorand exchanges traded

Infographic: The Algokey command-line interface

The Algorand  blockchain has several CLIs for performing transactions. I previously did an infographic on the goal CLI. Today, the focus is on the Algokey CLI which is used in generating and managing the Algorand keys.

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