Algorand news update


Week 5 is witnesses big announcements around growing the Algorand ecosystem. I was excited about the launch of the accelerator as well as the prospects of a new smart contract language.

{1} Number one for the week was the launch of the Algorand Asia Accelerator. This a joint venture between the Algorand Foundation and Borderless Capital. This is good news for ecosystem development. Read more here

{2} There was another partnership announcement aimed at platform development to fight money laundering. Anti-money laundering has been a major concern for institutional firms that want to trade in cryptocurrencies. Algoranding is leading the way in this direction. Read more here.

{3} Multi-chain smart contract remains a dream of most blockchain enthusiasts. Blockstack and Algorand partnered to develop a multi-chain smart contract called Clarity. Read the details here

{4} AlgoExplorer released a version 2.0 of its Algorand explorer. It came with awesome features, which you should check out. I love it. You can see it here

{5} Algorand token is among the top 3 staked tokens alongside Tesos and EOS. More returns for investors. See the analysis here

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