Algorand week #4 in review

The week period 18th to 24 yet again saw more news on dapps that are deciding to build on the Algorand blockchain. There was also positive news regarding the Algorand token. Here were the highlights from last week

{1} According to Coinjournal, Coinbase Custody adds staking for Algorand among other tokens. Good news for token health and economics.

{2} There was the joint announcement of a dapp that is moving its Patent-pending AI-technology for the insurance industry to the Algorand chain. “Attestiv’s core technology enables digital media (photos, videos, and documents), sensor data, metadata, and more to be validated using patent-pending AI technology either at the point of capture or via forensic analysis” according to

Happy to see more use cases coming to the Algorand chain

{3} It is no secret that the Marshall Islands is launching its CBDC on the Algorand chain. A webinar was held to discuss this and why Algorand is well suited for CBDCs. If you missed the webinar, here is an opportunity to listen to it again

{4} Algorands founder discusses the Algorand core tech at the #CASummit. Very insightful discussion on the Algorands layer-1, co-chains and smart contracts

That is all for this week and until next time, stay tuned!!!

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