Algorand Buzz Review #8

It is time again to give a review of trending news that hid the Algorand ecosystem. Feature releases and liquidity integrations were some of the highlights of the review. Also to mention that ALGO, the Algorand token showed resilience in the wake of the crypto meltdown during the past 3 weeks. The rebound is beginning to happen on the various exchanges. Let us dive in into the various news.

{1}Algorand Rekeying is live.
The Algorand rekeying feature finally went live on the Algo Wallet allowing users to connect to a ledger hardware device or swap from one hardware device to another. This provides a much more secure way to keep keys cold while signing transactions.

{2} USDC launches on Algorand
USDC coin launched on the Algorand chain making it easy for users to hold USDC in their Algorand accounts, and wallet for that matter. The selection of Algorand further strengths the goal of the

 to make Algorand the #1 blockchain for DeFi project.

{3} Jelly Swap wins Algorand grant awards
Time to celebrate wines made by the Jelly Swap team. They got part of the Algorand grants to make it possible for users to exchange any Algo tokens with other blockchain tokens. In my view, this provides liquidity for the Algo tokens and promotes interoperability.

{4} Bleumi pay, a non-custodial wallet, now supports Algorand standard assets, ALGO, and any CBDC deployed on the Algorand chain. Bleumi provides payment services for startups and this comes great news.

{5} Ledger Live now supports #ALGO and all Algorand Assets for staking. This provides a secure way for users to manage and secure their assets.

{6} Realio launches digital fundraiser platform on Algorand
The Realio network launched Valentus digital platform for fundraising. Their platform token will run Algorand and leverage the power of the Algorand standard assets and atomic swaps to manage the currency.

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