Algorand Buzz Review #7

Recently, Algorand made a lot of buzz on the blockchain space, once again consolidating its design to become the leading blockchain for building innovative decentralised finance solutions. The news range from the closing of applications for the

{1} Parsiq was integrated into the Algorand blockchain to give developers notifications and automation tools. This helps developers with analytical tools about the network for business intelligence.

{2} Bountyblok wins an Algorand foundation grant to build an integration into the Algorand chain. Bountyblok built a solution to allow developers to engage customers through an incentive and reward system. Users are rewarded for performing certain tasks on blockchain projects.

{3} Algorand introduced the Rekeying feature that seeks to further secure the platform and help users keep their private keys cold most of the time. It is simple, flexible and has unlimited usage.

{4} Another feature is the launch of the stateful algorand smart contracts. These provide layer-1 features that allow developers to build DeFi apps.

{5} Number 5 buzz was the listing of Algorand on the wallet. This increases the liquidity options of ALGO and allowing more people to buy and sell Algorand. The listed the ALGO/USD and ALSO/BTC pairs for trading.

{6} Algorand Asia Accelerator closed applications and will begin to review the applications. Super exciting for the new startups that will come out of it.

{7} One of the dapps on Algorand announced a key success as they continue to improve their dapp on the testnet. Over 2 million transactions have been processed on the testnet as they prepare to launch on the mainnet early September.

Exciting events happening on the Algorand chain and proving why Algorand will dominate the future of DeFi.

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